A new Technological University for the Midlands and Mid-West

The AIT - LIT Consortium is creating a new technological university with campuses across the Midlands and Mid-West. This new technological university will future-proof higher education for our communities through practical learning, industry engagement and applied research. The technological university will be responsive, engaged and focussed on equality of access for our students, staff and stakeholders.


The new technological university will be spread across six campuses and four counties across the Midlands and Mid-West. This will ensure equality of access and opportunity for all learners.


The new technological university will have a combined student population in excess of 15,000 students. These students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required for the modern workforce, sustaining prosperity and industrial growth across our region.


With 250+ global partnerships with universities and higher education partners across the world, the new technological university will provide students with a global experience through Erasmus, study abroad placements and outward mobility.

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